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New Mover Marketing Solutions

New mover marketing by Our Town America is innovative, exclusive, turnkey, zip code driven and fully trackable, intuitive and secure with desktop and mobile solutions. Lock out your competition! Avoid wasted coverage and save time. Let us do the work for you.

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Americans Under High Stress When it Comes to Moving

WMBF News (July 2014) – It’s not news that the summer is the most popular time to move, according to a survey by Our Town America. But here are some things that may surprise you: When asked what are the most stressful moments of a […]

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Top 5 Stressors For Modern Day Movers

BuzzFeed (August 2014) – Infographic reveals top five stressors for modern day movers and the powerful impact of housewarming gifts.  Results drawn from our 2014 National Survey of New Movers. Access infographic on BuzzFeed HERE.

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14 for ’14 – Top 14 Moving Tips For Stressed Out Movers

The Nation’s Premier New Mover Marketing Franchise Shares Helpful Tips in Month Defined by Kind Holidays
(Pinellas Park, FL – Feb. 4, 2014) – As the Great Recession and real estate crisis continue to loosen their grip on the country, more Americans will be looking to […]

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New Mover Checklist

Moving can be tricky. It is recommended that you start prepping for your move 1-2 months prior in order to be thoroughly prepared. Print the below list for your reference and consider one task already checked off your new mover list!

Create binder for moving records […]

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Retail Sponsors Announce Impressive 2013 Success

Pinellas Park, FL (PRWEB) – December 13, 2013 Millions of Americans, 40 million a year according to the most recent Census, move each year and are forced to develop relationships with new “go-to” retail options. After a move, new residents are actively seeking replacements for […]